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Affordable Web Design Can It Yield Results for Your Business?


Affordable Web Design Can It Yield Results for Your Business?

In the new digital world the web is a click away with smart phones, tables, desktops and even HDTV business has to evolve or parish. It is no longer a choice to go online or not, it’s a decision on who you can trust your companies’ image to do the right job.

Most small business and start-ups would imagine the possibility that an affordable web design company can get you the desired results, but is it possible?

Depending on your definition of affordable and what your desired outcome for your business is it may be possible. For starters today’s web is about communication and collaboration so your web design should be built around your visitors and not about getting as much content as you can.

Content is king is no longer accurate, if you’re talking to the right design company it’s about providing “value” to your visitors. Bringing your website into the new web means interaction with your potential customers with live chat and support available is always a great addition to any site not just eCommerce. With a value added incentive to get that interaction like newsletters, polls, blogs free info books you’re sure to get the desired response from your web design.

The options for affordable web design are limited, if you’re looking for a large eCommerce site affordable may fall within $1,500 to $2,500 price range and if you have looked on Google for eCommerce web design companies you would agree. For small business with just a limited number of products or services you may only require a funnel that generates leads and has a follow up series to entice buyers. You may find a company willing to provide a 5 page design with email capture and follow up that will yield results from $500 to $1000.

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Whatever size company you are just know that your number one priority should revolve around providing value to your potential customer and the best way to do this is my targeting your markets needs and solving problems. Once you have decided on your solution start to build your list so you can keep on top of their needs and your competition in the market.

A few things to consider for your website development would be graphics, are they high resolution and web safe and do the “fit” your business. Also the overall ease of use for your users is a must if they can’t navigate it then your sales will suffer. Finally are you looking to maintain your own website, if so then you should have an easy to understand admin section with limited learning curve so you can take care of the business instead of your website.

In conclusion knowing your needs in the market place will give you a great stepping stone when choosing an affordable web design company. Our company has packages for small, start-up and eCommerce sites that for value on investment are extremely affordable.

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