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Careers for Cancer the Crab


Careers for Cancer the Crab

Cancer the crab definitely brings his cautious nature into his career and business arrangements. He is one to think things through before making a decision and tends to be quite reserved with money. He is practical and will not blow large amounts of money on something that is not really necessary for the business. They are highly creative and like to take charge to further their ideas. Cancer individuals are also highly intuitive and have a deep understanding of other’s emotions and motives and therefore can be very useful to the company he works for because he is able to understand exactly what is going on with incredible accuracy. He can be kind, but he is certainly not naive.

When it comes to working for someone, the crab enjoys a position where he is both useful and secure. Job security is very important and he will search far and wide for a career that he can maintain for a long period of time. In return, the Cancer sign is very dependable, punctual and willing to work long and hard. Cancer individuals are generally great with words (even though most do not enjoy public speaking), and are able to convey their thoughts and opinions professionally. As they work for a while at a job, they will expect a raise, but will work harder as a result to prove that giving him a raise is a good idea. Cancers are great with the big picture of the business and will strive to constantly improve it as long as they are shown appreciation and respect in return. The crab is a highly sensitive creature so harsh criticism (especially about their work ethic) is strongly advised against.

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As coworkers, the crab is a very kind hearted individual and will be there if you need a shoulder to cry on. He lives to nurture and is generally kind to everyone he comes across (unless they give him reason not to be). Cancer the crab hates confrontation and therefore will try his best to get along with everyone; you can be sure that if conflict arises in the workplace, the crab did not start it. He also has the memory of an elephant and can be very useful remembering past events, deals or conversations which many other people have long forgotten. He is generally very serious as well and likes to get his job done. He does not come to work to socialize; he comes to get his work done.

If Cancer stars his own business, the most compatible partner is either a Taurus or a Virgo for they have the power to make Cancer’s ideas a reality and are responsible enough to stay on track. The best jobs for the crab are along the lines of anything in the medical/pharmaceutical field, nutritional field (including chef), or anything to do with real estate or farming. He will thrive anywhere he has a secure job and feels needed.

Source by Staz Johnson

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