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Changes to Express Entry CRS points for French-speakers | Moving2Canada


Changes to Express Entry CRS points for French-speakers | Moving2Canada

Parlez-vous français?If so, you could now be awarded up to 50 additional points in Canada’s Express Entry immigration system. The Government of Canada will now reward francophone and bilingual Express Entry candidates with even more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.Express Entry candidates with proven ability in both French and English will receive up to 50 additional CRS points, up from 30 points previously.The Government is also offering 25 additional points to candidates with proven French ability, even if they have not proven strong English skills. This was previously set at 15 additional points.French knowledge could be your ticket to a great life in Canada.Let’s take an example of a candidate in the Express Entry pool — we’ll call her Sophia — sitting on, say, 425 CRS points. This is a decent score, but probably not high enough for her to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence based on recent cut-off thresholds in Express Entry draws. In fact, there are tens of thousands of other candidates sitting above Sophia in the pool, so how can she leapfrog over them and greatly increase her chances of securing that coveted invitation? Well, she can brush up on her French skills (or learn the language from scratch, as some people do!) and get up to 50 additional points, which would in all probability be enough to secure an invitation in an upcoming Express Entry draw.Anecdotal evidence suggests that an increasing number of Express Entry candidates are identifying French ability as a viable option for increasing their CRS points total. Proving French ability may be much easier for those who ever studied the language, even if that was many years ago or during childhood, as well as those who picked up some of the language during adulthood, either by immersing themselves in francophone environments, or more formally through organised courses or tutoring.But, here’s something else: some Express Entry candidates are learning French entirely from scratch. In fact, some are aiming for (or have already achieved) Canadian Language Benchmark level 7 or above, which sets them up for getting those 50 additional points now on offer. This road requires patience and dedication (a knack with languages helps too) – but it is an option!Further, proving French may open some immigration doors through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs. For example, Ontario has a dedicated PNP stream for candidates with French ability. So, even if you still don’t get an invitation to apply through Express Entry after proving French, it could still make all the difference in finding a Canadian immigration pathway that’s right for you.Continued below…

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