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Five Reasons Fall Is Great


Five Reasons Fall Is Great

Fall is my favorite time of the year and many peoples favorite as well. I love all the seasons, including winter for winter sports like skiing and skating as well as just lounging around a fireplace, spring as it’s a rebirth as the birds are singing and plants start growing and flowers start blooming, and summer as it’s basically a party, both for nature and people. But fall I love the most. Here are my main reasons.

1) In the fall, most of the tourists go home and life gets back to its normal pace, yet the weather is still great! The fishing is better than ever, it’s an awesome time for outdoor activities especially is the summer has been a bit too hot, and for those who hunt it is hunting season in most places. You can still go to the beach and swimming and not be crowded! The same with the mountains and hiking etc., it’s still beautiful but the crowds are gone.

2) Holiday season starts in the fall, with Halloween and costumes and costumes parties leading the charge. Next for most folks come Thanksgiving and family time and feasts, and not too far is away is Christmas! Holidays are simply a great time to spend time with friends and family and a highlight of every year for just about everyone!

3) The leaves change color depending on where you are and are simply beautiful. If the leaves do not change where you live, you can always take a trip to New England or one of the many places where the leaves do change color! And as the leaves slowly die and fall, the views in many places transition to beautiful vistas as well. One favorite picnic spot actually goes from almost no view, to a beautiful view of the mountains and a river when the leaves fall.

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4) The kids are back in school. Complain as my kids may, they actually do enjoy school and school activities. And I enjoy the somewhat more free time as the kids are back in the full swing of things.

5) Fall is harvest time, and all the festivities that go along with it. Of course most of us have jobs instead of working the land these days, but it’s still as festive as ever, perhaps even more so.

I love all the seasons, but fall is simply my favorite! I wish it could come twice a year!

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