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Great Golden Retriever Breeders In Ontario


Great Golden Retriever Breeders In Ontario

Thanks to Ainslie Mills and her team, the Golden Retriever Club of Canada (GRCC) has done a fantastic job in maintaining the high standards that have ensured not only the integrity of the dog shows, but the breed standards of the golden retriever. In case you are wondering, she is the chairperson of this particular club and has an amazing and unquestionable experience in breeding and dog shows. Before we even talk about the breeders in Ontario, Canada, let’s do a little background on the breeders up there.

We have to go back about 80 years to lay down the foundation of the breed in Canada. The Canadian club officially recognized the breed in 1927 and Col. Magoffin imported what would be the major foundational sires to the North American continent three years later. In 1933, the dog bagged the top awards in the shows, springing up a demand for the breed and thus the mushrooming of breeders to fill up the demand.

What you want to do with your dog should help you a great deal in selecting a breeder. There are a number of breeders that have chosen to carve a niche. There are those for instance that breed purposely for the shows. If that’s your thing, then you want to be dealing with those as they will likely only have the pedigrees or a line of champions. But if you just want a pet for the house, you may also consider the crosses and such as are not allowed in the dog shows (like white golden retrievers) but would be great at home.

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Now, Like you probably already imagined, there’s quite a bunch of seasoned breeders up Ontario as well that have stood the proverbial ‘test of time’ to remain credible breeders. With over 13 million people in this Canadian province, your odds are pretty high and you are bound to find one in no time. Hit the Canadian Golden Retrievers Club offices and get a list of recognized breeders in Ontario. You might want to shove the ones that are not in the affiliate list – why wouldn’t they be??

But here are a few pointers anyway;

From Toronto, drive about for about an hour headed North in Shanty Bay and you will end up in a neat 30-acre farm that is home to Blackpool Kennels. They breed English type goldens and have been at it for 25 years running. The breed is really their thing and, don’t forget to ask them about their 10 champions in the Various Canadian shows that have come from their kennels.

Eden Kennels, just half an hour trip south of North Bay in the Nipissing, Ontario district, have a self confessed keen endeavor to preserve the sports and working abilities of the breed. All their lines are constantly entered into the obedience, hunt, scent-tracking, and retrieving contests to ensure this. They breed both the American and the English type golden retrievers.

Others worth checking out are Chris-Haefen Kennels, Falcon Lakes Kennels, Pretty River Goldens, Joyso Golden Retriever, and Labyrinth Kennels.

Source by Kevin S Taylor

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