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Apply For Highest Paying Jobs in Australia (2019)

Check out Vacancy is here’s list of the highest paying jobs in Australia in 2019 and learn more about entry requirements and salary prospects for each role.

Whether you’re a senior executive in your current industry or a graduate considering your future professional ambitions, salary is likely one of the main contributing factors in your career decisions. While some professions and industries (such as finance and tech) will always be well-paid jobs in Australia, some of the current highest paid jobs and the growing industries out there may come as a surprise.

1. IT Systems Architect

Average salary: A$139,690 (£77,660 / $98,730)

2. Engineering Manager

Average salary: A$132,350 (£73,590 / $93,540)

3. IT Manager

Average salary: A$125,660 (£69,870 / $88,810)

5. Analytics Manager

Average salary: A$118,820 (£66,070 / $83,980)

6. Cloud Engineer

Average salary: A$111,590 (£62,050 / $78,870)


7. Construction Manager

Average salary: A$111,390 (£61,950 / $78,730)


8. Wellbeing Manager

Average salary: A$110,520 (£61,470 / $78,090)


9. Doctor / Physician

Average salary: A$103,400 (£57,510 / $73,060)


10. Data Scientist

Average salary: A$99,510 (£55,350 / $70,320)

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Are you currently in the process of choosing a career? Do you work in any of these fields? What do you think of these figures? Let us know in the comments section below!




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