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How to Get a PR for Ontario


How to Get a PR for Ontario

Ontario is a great place for immigration. Under this Canada immigration program, those individuals can apply for migration here who are required as resources (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program). This nomination scheme requires sponsorship by an employer of an employee for a job in this province.

The employers can make recruitments through two schemes, one which is applicable for the general category candidates and the other for those international students who have a job offer in this province. If a candidate has been nominated for permanent residency under OINP, by a province, he then needs to forward his application to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) which makes the final decision to approve such applications. Under the general category, employers can hire employees who are living outside Canada or foreign workers who are living in this country meeting all the legal requirements. They need to submit the nomination forms of employees mentioning their current residence status.

For being eligible for immigration to Canada to this province, the candidate should have a job offer in various categories of National Occupational Classification. These categories are Skill Type 0, A and B. The employer who is nominating the employee should have been authorized by the government of Ontario.

The other category of employees is international students who have received a job offer in this country.

The employers who are interested in nominating employees under the Ontario Immigrant nominee program need to follow these steps:

1) The interested employers should provide a pre-screen application to the Ontario immigrant nominee program asking for positions for which they would like to hire a non-Canadian national. Employers should submit such applications as soon as possible because the processing of such applications is done on a priority basis.

Importance of Registration of Empadronamiento

2) The individuals whose recruitment under the OINP has been approved should then provide a nominee application package under this program.

It’s important to apply as quickly as possible under these two Canada immigration categories to Ontario because in the year 2016, this province has decided a limit of 5,500 nominees under these two schemes.

The other category of workers who are eligible for nomination under this scheme are those graduates who have pursued a Master’s degree or a Phd degree from this province and they don’t even require a job offer from any employer. Those international students who don’t have such degrees need to have a job offer from a valid employer in Ontario to become eligible for Canada immigration to this province.

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