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IEC Canada COVID-19 Updates | IEC News | Moving2Canada


IEC Canada COVID-19 Updates | IEC News | Moving2Canada

Working Holiday Canada NewsIEC Updates: Week of August 28Canada extends international travel ban until at least September 30th: Canada has extended the emergency order banning the entry of most foreign nationals until at least September 30th (Source: Public Safety Minister Bill Blair). The extension of the emergency order continues the same restrictions and exemptions as have been in place for the last several months. Please note, this ban covers all countries except the United States which has a separate travel ban in place until at least September 21.No indication as to when IEC draws will resume: Canada has not issued any IEC invitations since March 13, when COVID-19 forced Canada’s borders closed. Although many IEC hopefuls have waited for news about a restart on invitations rounds, the government has not released any information indicating a strategy for resuming IEC invitations or application processing.Although COVID-19 remains relatively under control in Canada, the country has held steadfast to its increased travel restrictions as a means of preventing further spread of the virus through international travel.Confirmation of entry requirements for IEC participants: IEC participants are exempt from travel restrictions and able to enter Canada if they meet one of these two scenarios.IEC participants who have not yet activated their work permits must have a valid job offer in order to enter, this job offer does not need to be in an essential sector (Source: IRCC); orIEC participants who have already activated their work permits and were outside the country temporarily do not require a valid job offer in order to re-enter (Source: IRCC; note that anecdotal reports suggest airline staff may still request to see proof of connection to Canada, like employment, housing, or family, when boarding).IEC participants inside Canada who have not yet activated their work permits: Unfortunately, flagpoling remains non-essential at this time. IEC participants inside Canada cannot travel to a POE and flagpole to activate their work permit.IEC participants and hopefuls should note that invitations and application processing are currently on hold. This means that no invitations will be issued and no applications will receive final decisions until further notice.Sign up to be the first to find out about IEC news! How is COVID-19 impacting IEC and the Working Holiday program?Canada’s immigration authorities are implementing some measures for certain individuals impacted by COVID-19. These measures provide some leniency to certain immigration applications. It should also be noted that Canada now mandates people arriving in the country to self-quarantine for 14 days. This is mandatory, and penalties apply for those found not to be obeying.Here are the most common questions about IEC and COVID-19. Full details can be found on the Canadian government guidelines.Is IEC still processing applications?No. IEC applications are not being processed at this time. Notably, no applications in process will be closed or refused due to a lack of documentation or inability to complete the application process in time.IEC pools remain open, so you can still submit a profile to an eligible pool, but no new invitations will be issued until further notice.Is IEC still issuing invitations?No. IEC is not issuing any new invitations until further notice. IEC pools remain open, so you can still submit a profile to an eligible pool.Can I still enter Canada using my POE letter?The Moving2Canada team has confirmed that IEC participants who hold a valid POE letter and a job offer in Canada (even in a non-essential sector) are exempt from Canada’s travel restrictions. This was confirmed by a trusted legal source who communicated directly with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This policy also reflects the current guidelines stated on the IRCC website:“Do International Experience Canada participants fall under the temporary foreign workers exemption [to Canadian travel restrictions]?”“Yes, the exemption includes International Experience Canada participants. Effective May 8, 2020, applicants in the Working Holiday, Young Professional or International Co-op categories can come to Canada only if they: have a valid job offer, and a port of entry letter of introduction.”What do I do if my POE letter is going to expire?If your POE letter of introduction is going to expire you can submit a request for an extension using IRCC’s online web form. IRCC has requested that participants only do this if your expiry date is within the next 30 days.IRCC has confirmed that IEC participants may request a second 90-day extension on their POE letters of introduction, if the first extension is within 30 days of expiring.IEC participants can request POE letter extensions by using IRCC’s Web form. Select “International Experience Canada” from the drop-down menu and include as many details as possible to support your case. If you don’t get a confirmation email from IRCC, this does not mean they didn’t receive it. Keep checking your IRCC account for updates.My application deadline is approaching and I need to submit biometrics / medical exam results / other documentation. What do I do?At this time, IEC will not refuse any application due to a lack of documentation or inability to complete the application process in time. If you submit an application with missing documentation, be sure to include a letter of explanation in the place of any missing documents.I activated my work permit but had to leave Canada. Can I extend it?Not at this time. IEC has not released any statement about work permit extensions for IEC participants who have already activated their work permits.I am stuck inside Canada and my work permit is going to expire. Can I extend it?You cannot extend your work permit unless you meet one of a handful of rare exceptions.However, if you are stuck inside Canada and cannot leave due to travel restrictions, you should ensure that you apply to extend your stay before your status expires. The most common way of doing this is to apply to extend your stay as a visitor.I am inside Canada but I haven’t activated my IEC work permit. Can I travel to the border to flagpole?You should not travel to a port of entry to activate your work permit. Flagpoling is not considered essential travel and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced that they will not provide this type of immigration service at POEs at this time.IRCC has announced that “procedures may be put in place to allow IEC participants to activate work permits from within Canada,” but in the meantime “you must ensure that you maintain your current immigration status while in Canada.”I am an IEC participant in Canada. Am I eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)?Temporary residents, including IEC participants, who are in Canada and have stopped working because of COVID-19 are eligible for CERB as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements.As coronavirus is a developing story with updates expected in the coming weeks, Moving2Canada has launched a coronavirus newsfeed with the latest information available about COVID-19 and travel to Canada. Please refer to that page for the latest updates and detailed information regarding COVID-19 and how Coronavirus may impact your IEC Working Holiday.People planning their move to Canada through IEC can get personalized guidance about how to succeed, as well as resources on how to make the most of your experience in Canada by using Moving2Canada GO.Full details about invitations, quotas, and spots left for all participating countries are listed below.What is Moving2Canada GO?Moving2Canada is changing the way we deliver information and advice to our community of ambitious, adventure-seeking newcomers to Canada and those on the way over soon. Moving2Canada GO is an interactive tool that enables you to organize your move and settle in Canada simply, while avoiding potentially costly errors along the way.With a personalized list of tasks and and articles tailored for your needs and goals, Moving2Canada GO puts you at the heart of everything.Click here to get going!What is the IEC program?The IEC program allows international youth from more than 30 countries aged 18 to 35 (or in some cases, 18 to 30) to live and work in Canada for up to 24 months.Invitation History – IEC 2020 seasonMost recent update: March 13, 2020The table below shows invitation history for each pool in the IEC 2020 season. We’ll update this table over the course of the season, typically on Fridays, to bring you the latest details for each pool and your chances of receiving an invitation in the next round.

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