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Every Peak Has a Trough


Every Peak Has a Trough

You may have wondered about successful people and whether they have attained constant supreme highs of life. It seems that when you observe these highly successful people they always seem to be positive, high-energy, and unscathed by what some people experience. Is it that they are impervious to the lows or hard times others seem to run into?

The simple answer is that all people have highs and lows; it doesn’t matter whether you are at the top of your game, have reached the dizzying heights of power, we all experience obstacles, down days, and hardship. So, why do these people, though, seemingly appear to be impervious?

The seemingly untouchables psychic of successful people only appears to be unaffected by lows we all have. But, these people understand that no matter what you do, where you live, how much money you have, or how well you execute strategies, there is going to be those troughs when not everything is smooth sailing. To these people, they expect it to happen the same way they expect that the sun will rise and set. The difference, however, is that they prepare for these lows, or troughs in life, by maximizing the highs and minimizing the lows.

What they know and practice is that when you are on a peak, keep doing what you’ve been doing so that you can savour, enjoy, and extend this high. They know that lows will come at some point but they also know that the more they do to generate more positives, the less they will suffer from the negatives.

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Take the recent down turn in the global economic environment as an example. If you understand the cycle of life, you also will understand the cycle of investments. All you have to do is take a longer view of past history and you will see that there have been many cycles in finance and markets. And, after each low cycle, no matter how severe, there is a new beginning, a new thrust up again. That is why the smart and savvy investors know to stick to their guns for the long haul.

Whether you are a new graduate from school, or an experienced worker, in the same way, the lows we all experience in life ebb and flow, as do all cycles. The better way to play these is to prepare for the lows by making sure you sew more positive seeds than negative. If you are in a corporate work environment today, you may not be in the neat future. This thought is not being unduly negative it is only being realistic. Just because a corporation is doing well now doesn’t mean it always will. Look at the automobile industry right now and you’ll understand my point. So, what do you do?

One thing you can do is to develop better skill sets, or develop new talents so that you can be more diversified in what you can offer to prospective new employers. If you have skills working on an assembly line, for example, look at what other skill sets you can add whether that is accomplished by attending courses, or studying at home. Sometimes, a hobby can lead to other types of employment; for example, you may have studied electronics as a hobby to qualify to build ham radio equipment as part of your ham radio licence. This may give you an opportunity to seek work on board a ship as a ship’s radio operator.

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Remember this: all peaks will have valleys sooner or later so be prepared for them.

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