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How To Build A 500K a Month (Or More) Online Business Selling Information


How To Build A 500K a Month (Or More) Online Business Selling Information

This is for you if you are tired of going broke and would love to in earn and make ends meet. There is no limit to what you can earn. You just have to read this, digest it and work on it and you would thank Mr Ronald Nzimora after few weeks.

So let me start by saying, INFORMATION WANTS TO BE SOLD.

Everyday people buy information to help them solve a problem, or get over a funk or learn a skill or something – in different formats too – ebooks, print books, video courses, LIVE events, newsletters, coaching, etc.

The global online education market is expected to reach approximately USD 132.98 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 28.55% from 2017 to 2023.  says it will reach $350 BILLION by 2025.

So you see, humans spend a ton of…

money on information.

You think if many business owners knew about COVID-19’s coming, they would not have bought up information on how to be better prepared against it? You bet they would.

So information is not just about the format it’s presented in. it’s not just “ebooks”…

or “seminars”. Those are just containers, the format they are presented in, the real thing is the information they contain.

If you’re a lady and your hair pulled off in chunks, leaving parts of your head bald every 2 weeks, and you have gone to hospitals, and used creams and…

nothing works, would you pay me for information that showed you how to make it stop for real?

You would, right?

Would you care if i put the information in ebook format, a print book, a seminar, or I told you one-on-one?

You wouldn’t right?

Because the format is not important!

What’s important is that the information works. Simple.

That’s why people who ridicule others for selling “ebooks” or “seminars” are dumb.

Because if you check their phones and laptops, there are ebooks there, and they’ve attended some seminar or similar.

Anyway. How do you…

create information and sell it online for big money?

I started selling information in 2007.

My first was an ebook, titled “Failure Buster”. It’s long offline, but you can see what the site looked like back them here: …

It made me the first $2,000 of my…

life. I was a student in final year at the time, and after writing it, I had sent it an Australian author I was on his email list, Rob Parnell. He liked it, asked me to put up a page for it (I did the one above) and he emailed his subscribers about it.

2 weeks later, he Paid me $2,000 which to cut the long story short, I spent like a fool, but lets not digress.

I created and sold other books after attending a seminar at my now mentor’s organization “Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC)”.

I started over by selling PLR (private label rights)…

burnt on CDs (I have shared those story many times) with the last =N=960 in my hand, and today, we have grown from that to a Digital Marketing Agency and a Real estate company.

If you though it was a fluke, I have many other people who have started like this. I am certain you…

guys know the company, @NairaBET founded by Hon. @AkinAlabi. What you may not know is it was founded off an ebook he wrote in 2007 also I think. Here’s what it looked like then ….

He wrote and was selling ane book about Sports betting and when his buyers…

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started asking for a local betting they could bet with, instead of the foreign ones he recommended inside his ebook, he started NairaBET. 11 years later, it’s a multi-billion naira company.

So let’s discuss how you can use information to profit yourself and your business…

if you have one.

  1. You can sell the information itself as the company’s main products.

So what you basically are is a publishing company.

You research information people are looking for, package it and sell.

Many many people do this around the world and profit handsomely.

2. You can use information as the front-end of your product offering.

So instead of selling your main thing first, you use information as the front-end, then offer the main thing as an upsell.

For example, at BuyWell Properties Lilinted, while we sell our lands directly, we…

have found it sell very easily when we sell books teaching people about buying property in Nigeria. You won’t believe how ignorant many people are about the process and the mistakes people make.

Infact, I predict that 90% of the people buying land now in Ibeju-Lekki will…

never take possession of it, because they did it wrong. So compile the correct information about the process and what documents to get, and how to authenticate the purchases and all, and we sell them FIRST.

So who buys them? You guessed, right. It’s people who want to buy land!

They figure “let’s spend =N=10,000 to =N=25,000 and learn how to do it right, before we commit =N=1 million into the purchase and lose it.”

Now when they read our insight filled books and courses about buying land in Nigeria, who is now the authority in their eyes?



Who will they feel comfortable buying land from now?


Because we have a real estate property, which we have so cleverly plugged inside the books/courses.

See how that works?


  1. You can sell information as a SECOND income stream for your currently business.


you remember the lady who posted her requirements for workers that some people were bashing a couple of weeks ago?

She has an “academy” where she teaches who to do the same thing she does. And it is NOT CHEAP.

A friend of mine paid and attended, and she says it was a great…

decision she made.

Many other people are now doing the same thing.

Do you own a skin repair palour? Create an academy and etach people who want to start their own skin repair paolors.

Are you a fashion designer? Teach people who want to go into fashion design.

Are you a digital marketer? Teach people who want to get in the game too!

You run a cleaning business? Teach those who want to start their own.

Create that unit and call it a “school”, “academy” “university”, whatever you like.

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It’s ridiculous easy money waiting for you to…

take it.

“But Ronald, if I do that, won’t I be increasing competition for myself?”


First off, this is limited mindset thinking.

If you don’t teach them, they will go somewhere else, pay and learn it there, and still be your competitor anyway.

So why not take the money?

Second, knowing how to do a thing, is different from knowing how to market the thing.

They will still have to catch up on that score.

Third, INFORMATION wants to be sold!

If you don’t sell it, quacks will sell it, teach the wrong things and spoil your industry for all of you.

Now, let’s talk about how to get started.

Step One: You want a MARKET THAT IS LARGE. The larger the better.

You want to make sure you sell information A LOT of people want to buy and in a market niche that a lot of people enter every year.

Some of these markets include:

1. Relationships
2. Business
3. Finance
4. Health
5. Travel

These are HUGE markets, and you can further break them down. For example, under finance, you can do personal finance or business financing.

Under relationships, you can focus on sex or focus on dating.

Last month…

my protege Jonathan @Rabomeo created an ebook about dating which has now exceeded over =N=1 million in sales and counting.

Step Two: When you choose a market niche, you then have to choose which slice of the market you want to write for.

For example, say you choose to sell…

dating advice, you have to decide which of the sexes to sell it to.

You should focus on the segment of that market that see the thing as a problem and DESPERATELY want to fix it.

Which bring me to the very next important point, which is:

STEP 3: Write and Sell Information Only on Topics And Problems For WHich The People In That Market Are Desperately Seeking Answers To.

Remember how I said earlier that people don’t buy the content format, and all the care about is the information?

Well they also don’t care…

about the information. At least not at the surface level.

People don’t buy information, THEY BUY SOLUTION.

So whatever you sell should be answering a question they desperately want an answer to or solving a nagging problem they have.

This problem can be real or imagined, it…

doesn’t matter. What matters is that it exists.

“But Ronald, I dont know what to write about. I know nothing”.

Maybe that’s true. But you dont have to be the source of the information. You can PARTNER with someone who knows the HOW and give them a cut of the profits.


an example.

You can have a Doctor write a report on how to solve a nagging health issue, then you slap your name on it, (since Doctor’s are not allowed to advertise or some silly thing like that) while mentioning inside that this Doctor provided the information, you sell it, and

give them a cut.

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“But Ronald, I have a topic, but I don’t know how to write. In fact I hate writing”.

No wahala. There’s a ton of people you can pay on Fiverr and even here on Twitter to write for you. Just tell them what you want, and they’ll get it done for a fee.


STEP FOUR: You need to set up a marketing system for your book.

You need a website, an autoresponder, a salesletter and then follow-up emails for those who don’t buy immediately and money for advertising.

Here’s the flow:

Advert ==> Landing Page ==> Salesletter ==> PayStack

Advert: This will be on Facebook or Google, or blogs or newspaper sites or porrn netrworks (if you’re selling something on sex, since Facebook and Google won;t allow that)

Landing Page: This is the first page on your website where they land, from your advert. Here they join…

your autoresponder email list and it then takes them to your..

Salesletter: This is the 2nd page they see, (if they optin to the autoresponder) which is long and explains everything about your ebook or course, or seminar, or 1-on-1 coaching or 3-Month academy. This page sells it

Then this page they click the buy button and move to…

PayStack: Which you can use to collect payments.

If you don’t like PayStack, there are plenty others you can use. There’s SimplePay, and others.

Or you can just put your bank details there and they’ll do you a transfer.

Now you can start to count moolah.

All you need to keep the money rolling in is to keep the ads running. Don’t be like me in 2007 who got my money and blew it on stupid shit and had to start afresh.

Have part of your income dedicated to advertising, and slowly increase it as…

more money comes in.

Also, PLEASE be sure what you’re selling will SOLVE THE PROBLEM your target market needs solving.

If not, you will tagged a scammer. Heck some misguided folks call me a scammer and I am legit, imagine what’d happen if I wasn’t.

So please be legit and…

make sure your information works. Then keep improving it.

Also be quick to answer your buyer’s questions and enquiries.

I hope I am not leaving anything out.

This thing works guys and yes it is simple, but not easy.

So here’s what I have done further if you’re interested…

in pursuing this. My protege @rabomeo made =N=30 million in 2019 selling information.

When he met me first in 2016, he was selling Fiverr gigs for $5 (1,800) a piece. Look at him now.

So I am holding a LIVE interview with him on Wednesday.

He will show you his process, how…

he did it step-by-step. At the end, I will ask him a some of questions which I took from some of you yesterday.

It’s on video and will air live on Wednesday.

If you want to join in and watch the session, go here and sign up: .

See you on Wednesday.



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